Wedding Website Idea for Millennial Couples

Top 6 Wedding Website Idea for Millennial Couples

Almost every Indian has watched the big fat Indian wedding in Yashraj films. Some of them even dream of having a Yashraj style wedding of their own. Gone are the days when people solely focused on having a grand wedding. Today couples are willing to change and customize their wedding according to their choice and taste.  Weddings have almost become a reflection of their lifestyle and personality. More and more couples are having a smart and waste-free wedding. There are numerous ways to go about that. You can create a wedding gift registry- so that you don’t have to worry about wasteful gifts, send out video or e-invitations which are the most popular ones. Another thing you can do is create a wedding website where all the information is available to your guests in a single place.

Here are 6 best ideas for a perfect wedding website :

#1. Say your story :

Many wedding website providers provide an option where you can tell your story. It could be about the proposal, your journey together or even about the first meet. It could even be about all these things put together. It’s basically just a space to give your guests a little insight about your story.

#2. Add personalized images

Instead of adding standard images on the website you can add personalized images of you and your family.

#3. Give information about the city

A lot of times you’ll have outstation guests if you choose to wed in a place that’s not near your stay. Sometimes even from abroad. So it’s best to give some information about the city like the best places to visit, connectivity etc.

#4 events section

This is one of the most important sections in a wedding website. This includes all the events you will have at the wedding. Nowadays with big fat weddings its hard to tell how many functions one might have. Through this section couples can inform guests of the various functions, timings, dresscode, venue and other details. One tambrahm bride used this section to explain the 7 rituals at an iyer wedding so her guests coming from outside India understand the rituals well.

#5. Add a Guestbook

You can add a guestbook in your website where your guests can sign them and leave beautiful messages for you.

#6. RSVP

A wedding website is a great way to collect rsvp’s. Every wedding these days is inching towards zero waste and the RSVP section can go a long way in helping in gauging  the amount of people attending a wedding. Websites have the RSVP section that includes the following

  • Name of the guest
  • Are you attending the wedding?
  • Do you have a spouse coming along with you?
  • Travel details.

Hope the ideas help you create a marvellous website. Happy wedding y’all!

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