Best Motivational Tips

Best Motivational Tips to Help You Save Money

Motivation to save money and avoiding overspending is a good practice. It is even more important if you have a single income and have debts to manage. In such a scenario, savings are necessary and you should do so every month. Yes, you need to put aside some money each month to save for those days when the weather is rough.

Motivationalactivities like meditation or sitting in silence for a couple of minutes alonematters when you have fewer savings and want to introspect, especially in our difficult, taxing, and hectic nine to five corporate lives. On top of it, if you have a family and kids, you need to worry about the expenses and paying off your debts to avoid defaulting.

Based on numerous studies and researches, motivation is a phenomenal way to cut back on financial stress and appreciate the beauty of life. If you want to save money, you need to be motivated to eat less at restaurants and opt for home-cooked meals instead. Again, it does not make sense to spend on mindless shopping.

According to an article published on, there are many favorite ways to save money. Making payments on time and avoiding late fees is one way to do so. You can also cancel subscription services that you no longer need. It will help you save a considerable amount every month. Imagine how much you can save in a year! Read on to learn about some of the best motivational tips to help you save money.

Keep an eye on your spending and create a solid budget

The best way to save isby learning aboutyour monthly expenses first. What items you splurge on and how much cash you shell out.Keeping track of your spending means all aspects from shopping, purchasing grocery, having coffee in an expensive cafe, and even little expensesyou tend to overlook.

When you know about the list of your expenses, classifytheseitems as household stuff, college fee for your kid, home loans, car loans, shopping expenses and total the same. Note the details on a piece of paper as you are sure of the list.

Use your bank and credit card documentsto make your job simple. It is all about proper attention, planning, and monitoring your monthly expenses. It will take some of your time but worth the effort.

Once you have documented all the expenses in black and white, make a budget that works. It mustdescribe your expenses and correspond to your income. Take note of this aspect before creating a workable budget. It will let youplan your household expenses; prevent overspending and splurging on unnecessary items.

Include those expenses that you incur periodically but not each month. It implies expenses relevant to your home renovation and vehicle maintenance costs. Once you make a workable budget, it will help you to save every month. You can use the money to pay off your loans to your creditors, at least partly and the rest you can borrow from platforms like or similar ones.

Motivate yourself to pay off your debts

Whenyou have a debt to pay off and need to save each month, it is a difficult situation. Then, it is a healthybehavior if you have the cashto clear all loans and dues to your creditors. When you find it challenging to put aside money as savings and repay your debtssimultaneously, pay off your debts in the first place. There is logic behind this strategy. When you manage to repay your debts, all of it, you can start saving more easily than when managing both together.

We know what you are thinking. How can I pay off my loans when you have no savings?Sit down and note down how much you are shelling out every month on your current debts. If you are well-informed about math, you will understand what is happening to your cash when you are paying off your multiple debts. When you clear your dues as soon as possible, you will not need to spend on monthly interest payment. You can save that money for your emergencies. Yes, create an emergency fund once you are debt-free.

You can take out a loan from your family members, friends, or repay your debts with a consolidated loan to avoid the loan to linger for several years.

Eat home-cooked meals

If you’ve little funds left after paying your home loans and car EMI every month, eating out or ordering food online is a luxury even if you are working. Prepare home-cooked food and carry it your office. You can save a lot of your money if you avoid eating outside food.

For instance, if you eat outside, the average price of a meal in the US will cost approx $42. Instead of wasting that amount of money on outside food, you must save that to pay your debts and for emergencies. Carry your food to the office. You can prepare chicken pasta, salads, and some snacks to keep you full at your workplace.

Did you know that you could prepare home-cooked food at under $10 for every meal? A $10 meal serves four and if you calculate, it will cost you only $2 if you eat alone and pack the food for your office lunch. Therefore, eat home food at lunch and see how you save every month and in a year’s time.

Motivate yourself that you can save so much when you cook at home. It will inspire you to ditch the online food-ordering app and switch to home-cooked meals. These little things contribute to your savings. Try these tactics and you will benefit.


There are many ways to save money if you use your common sense. It will help you to become a champion in dealing with your personal finances. You can follow all these tips easily and practice them religiously. Keep motivating yourself, be firm, and do not lose your financial goals. Happy savings!

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