9apps- A Tough Competitor to Google’s Playstore

9apps is considered to be the strongest competitor of Google’s playstore. This is owned by Alibaba group and has more than 100 million users worldwide. This was released in 2013 and has gained immense popularity in countries like India and Indonesia. This has a huge customer base. The best part is this is very small in size and consumes very less space on the device. The motive behind its development is to have a competitor of Google’s playstore and make various applications available to people that too free of cost. This also provides downloading in apk formats which further helps to have more space on the devices. This just requires having a device with updated android versions.

This is highly user friendly platform where various categories are made and it is quite easy to search for the apps one wishes to download that too free of cost. It makes it very convenient for the people to download it by going to the specific category and then enjoy the benefits associated with them. This is further highly optimized for people of India and Indonesia which makes the customer base wider as compared to others. It is very light in weight and consumes only 3-4 MB of space on the devices. This further ensures no technical errors like the case of app crashing. The size also helps in easy and speedy downloads of the applications. This is a third party store and is considered the best among them as being third party, there is no issue of quality over them. This is free from all kinds of viruses and ensures full safety to the users. The rules and policies of the company is quite strict preventing any kind of mishappening. It provides huge variety ofapplications to consumers like wallpapers, ringtones, themes and movies that to without even spending a single penny out of the pockets. In fact this has some of the extra loaded features as compared to other platforms.

This also ensures full security to the data and no information of any kind is ever leaked to anyone. No other platform provides downloads in apk formats whereas this platform does and helps in easy and speedy downloads. This is the one stop shop for all the needs of the users. Another most important feature is availability of the platform in fourteen languages in order to facilitate the users and meet the needs in a better way. Frequent updates are also available with the users in order to keep them up to dated. It also provides price comparison with other e commerce sites in the market. After one decides to download a particular app it goes to the step of scanning for viruses and then is prepared to be installed in the device without any harm to the device as well as the user. Even the malicious codes are also checked before installation process. The speed of downloads has no comparison in the whole market and is thus a great advantage to the users who use 9apps.

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