Glass Top Dining Table

Wooden Dining Table V/S Glass Top Dining Table- Which One is Better?

With so many types of dining table designs out there, choosing the one that is perfect for your need is overwhelming. There are countless stunning designs, patterns, and styles for dining table sets. However, to help you ease your burden we have made a distinction between two popular dining table variants- the wooden and glass top dining table.

So, let us assess these two dining table types on different parameters and find out which one is better.

Wooden Dining Table V/S Glass Top Dining Table

# Parameter 1: Appeal 

What do you think- which one is the prettier wooden tabletop or glass tabletop? There is no denying the fact that wooden furniture pieces have a distinct appeal which is nearly incomparable. Be it any décor, setting, or layout, wooden dining tables will highlight your room’s appearance. The intricate details, carvings, and antique charm of these tables present a unique elegance. While on the other hand, the beauty of glass top tables with metallic legs cannot be overlooked.

You can get either of these table design types in varying shapes and sizes.

# Parameter 2: Practicality

The practicality of the dining table can only be validated if you are aware of its design type. However, when it comes to durability and safety, wooden furniture pieces are considered better. They are sturdy and have less fragility as compared to glass. Therefore, if your pets or kids at home, it is recommended to opt for a wooden dining table.

Choose for glass top table with rounded edges and only after you have assessed it for the strength. Also, make sure to choose a tempered glass top as it is studier and robust.

# Parameter 3: Ease of maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, consider your lifestyle as this would completely depend on your personal preferences. A big family will generally buy a wooden dining table top due to its sturdiness and ability to withstand long term wear and tear. Contrary to this, a small family will go for a glass top due to modish charm.

Final Verdict: Which one is better?

Hence, there is no exact answer to which type of dining table top is best. Both the glass and wooden table tops have their unique qualities. Furthermore, neither of them makes a perfect choice as everyone’s household has different requirements. Considering, the vast difference in lifestyle, home décor, family size, and personal taste the choice for dining table design is said to vary from person to person.

So, when choosing a dining table for your home, assess different factors, and then make a careful choice. Nevertheless, if you admire simplicity and warmth, opt for a wooden top dining table. And for those who love innovative pieces, go for glass top ones.

Want more? You can also go for customization. You can get your dining table custom made on the basis of material, finish, dimension, and seating.

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