Tips to Maintain RO Purifiers

Top Ten Tips to Maintain RO Purifiers at Home

RO water purifiers play a crucial role in maintaining our health in our everyday life. They perform brilliantly in removing all the impurities from the water and making it fresh and pure for us to drink. According to WHO, 58% of the total death caused by diarrhoea can be averted with the use of clean drinking water and its proper sanitation.

However, to maintain this functioning of RO water purifiers, some tips and tricks are mandatory to follow. There can be troubles with the RO water purifiers if they are not looked after properly. Though, these RO water purifiers don’t need much care, checking them annually can help a lot in its functioning. Some of such tips are further explained below :

Ten Tips to Maintain RO Purifiers:

Tips to Maintain RO Purifiers

1.  Change Filter

Changing the filter of a RO water purifier is essential to maintain the proper functioning as the filter attached with these purifiers plays a crucial role in catching the water’s impurities and dirt.

When the filter gets full of dirt, then it requires the need to be changed to continue the flow of pure water, which is why changing the filter is a necessity.

2.  Tank Clean Up

Cleaning the tank is yet another essential method to follow to maintain the flow of pure water. The RO tank can get dirty if not cleaned for years, and that leads to impure water.

Therefore, to maintain the condition of clear and pure water, you need to clean the RO tank regularly every year.

3.  Professional Check-Up

Another important aspect of having or maintaining an excellent functioning RO water purifier is to get some professional check-up of the water purifier annually.

The professionals are more knowledgeable and experienced in terms of water purifiers and can point out mistakes or problems about which we have no idea. By getting annual check-ups from professionals, you can maintain the flow of pure water from your RO system.

4.  Replacing RO Membrane

A RO water purifier membrane usually lasts for about 2 to 5 years, depending on the type and functioning. However, this period can be increased if the RO water purifier system is maintained correctly, and all their damage parts are noticed and replaced instantly.

In most of the cases, people don’t usually notice small damages or dysfunction in their water purifiers, which is by replacing the arrow membrane is the only option left to regulate the proper flow of pure and fresh water from the RO water purifier.

5.  Cleaning the Outer Parts

Not only cleaning the interiors of RO water purifiers but also cleaning the exterior parts are essential to regulate the flow of pure water. The outer parts of machinery tend to get dirty even more than the interior components.

Cleaning the outer parts is not a tough task and can be done quickly without much effort. Therefore, make sure to always keep the outer parts of the machinery clean. It must also include the tap attached to the machine from which the water flows.

6.  Installing A Softener

Installing a softener is a perfect choice and beneficial and helpful in regulating the flow of pure water from the RO water purifier.

In some cases, a RO water purifier alone is not able to handle the hard water, which is full of excess magnesium and calcium. However, with the help of a softener, the function of cleaning hard water gets more comfortable, and the RO water purifier starts working on it more effectively and efficiently, and therefore the span of the RO water purifier increases, and it lasts longer.

7.  Add A Cover

Adding a cover is the best option to keep the machinery, especially the exterior parts, clean for a more extended time.

Moreover, it is the easiest way to maintain a clean machine as you do not have to clean the exterior parts much, and all you have to clean is the outer cover that you have added to your machinery.

Furthermore, this cover can also protect the machinery from other threats like insects. It also provides an additional protective layer.

8.  Keep the Surrounding Clean

Another important thing that you can do to improve the span of your RO water purifier is to keep the surroundings of the RO water purifier clean as well.

Always ensure that there are no spiderwebs around your water purifier as that can be a risk to the RO water purifier and your health. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the surroundings of a RO water purifier clean.

9.  Carbon Filter Cleaning

The carbon filter is a significant part of a RO water purifier and holds some of the most critical functions to regulate the flow of clean and fresh water.

The carbon filter of a RO water purifier is essential to remove any unpleasant odour or taste from the water. Moreover, it also helps in removing chlorine and other contaminants from the water. Therefore, it is always crucial to keep the carbon filter clean.

10.  Sediment Filter Cleaning

Another critical filter attached to a RO water purifier is the sediment filter. The sediment filter is responsible for removing most of the impurities and dirt from the water.

Once the sediment filter has reached its capacity of cleaning the dirty and impure water, then it automatically starts turning into a darker shade, and that is your hint of changing the sediment filter.

The requirement to change the sediment filter usually occurs once in a year and is easily noticeable. So, always remember to change your sediment filter whenever you notice the sediment filter turning into more of a blackish shade.

Final Note

These were the essential tips and tricks that are a must to follow to have an excellent functioning RO water purifier and also to increase its working span. Therefore, make sure that you follow all of the steps mentioned above and methods and always keep your RO water purifier safe and full of healthy and pure water. If case you need to get services for your RO system, you can look for RO services near me and avail them as desired.

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