Water is a basic need for living. Water purifier has also become a basic need nowadays. As drinking, water is also getting impure because of increase in water pollution. This impure water sometimes contains dissolved minerals like sulphates, bicarbonates of sodium and even traces of lead are also seen sometimes. These minerals get introduce in water when it comes in contact with sewage or industrial waste. So the water with these minerals is not fit for drinking. Here arises the need of water purifier devices which can separate these minerals from water and make the water fit or drinking

Water has many benefits. It regulates our body temperature. Its adequate consumption helps to make your immunity system more strong. It helps your brain to function better, as our brain has the maximum portion of water.  Even 90 percent of our blood is water. If there is sufficient amount of water, oxygen can be carried to all parts of body. These are the reasons why water consumption is necessary for us. Even the plants need water for their growth. They also require the minerals present in the water. The question arises is that which is the right time to drink water? Following are times when drinking water is really beneficial for your health:

  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER WAKING UP: according to some research, it is said that we should drink a lot of water empty stomach in the morning. Even drink water before brushing your teeth. As the saliva which is there in your mouth, early in the morning is very good for health. Drinking plenty of water early in the morning solves stomach problems like constipation, bloating etc. Even it will also flush off the toxins present in the body through urination.
  • BEFORE EVERY MEAL: It is good to drink water before meals. We should try to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before taking the meal. This consumption of water will increase your digestive system abilities. Having water before meal will make you eat less volume of food, less food with plenty of water gets digested properly and more quickly without causing fat deposits inside the body.
  • BEFORE WORKOUT: If you are going to do your exercise. It is better to have 3-4 glass of water an hour before your workout routine. This will keep your body hydrated. Even it will lead to more sweating which is good for body. As it flushes our the bad toxins from the body.
  • AFTER WORKOUT: While doing workout, your body has drained a lot of water. It is better to drink water after 30 minutes of your workout. As during this time your body temperature will also come down. And after that you will be able to maintain your energy level.
  • WHEN YOU FEEL TIRED: When our body is not hydrated properly, we feel tired very often. the reason behind this tiredness is that brain is not getting enough of water. If there is water deficiency, there is problem of carrying oxygen to different parts of body. Whenever you feel low or tired, drink water. It will relax your mind and even will restore back the energy. And make you feel good.

Even some people believe that drinking water before sleep is also good. But actually it is not very beneficial. Though it causes disturbance in sleep and create unnecessary pressure on the bladder. Even we should drink water while sitting not while standing. If we drink water while sitting, that water is being absorbed by the organ which doesn’t happen when we drink water while standing.

But now a days problem of contamination of drinking water is there. So there is a need of water purifiers. Many companies have enter this market and they are giving tough competition to each other. Every water purifier company advertises itself to be the best company of water purifier. Here RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. Some companies manufacture UV water purifiers. But the technology is changing so fast that the companies just in order to make themselves best have also introduce water purifier with both RO UV technology. Recently there was a launch by one of the renowned company of water purifier which has Copper and RO in it. As in earlier times, when we don’t have water purifiers at home. They used to store water in copper utensils. And it was believed that the water stored in these copper utensils are purified automatically. The water kept in these utensils, absorb good minerals from Copper. These minerals are good for our body. These improve are digestive system and solves the stomach related problems. As people are getting more aware about these old techniques. These water purifying companies are trying to make combination of old and new techniques. So that their consumers are highly satisfied with their product.

But there are some disadvantages of these water purifying machines. These machines are very costly. Sometimes it is difficult for a common man to buy these water purifying machines. Even these machines waste a lot of water. In order to filter the water. Even these machines take a very long time to purify the water. Even these machines remove the essential minerals like sodium, iron, etc. and make the water mineral less. There is a high maintenance cost of these water purifying devices. You have to get these devices cleaned after a fixed interval of time.

Though there are many disadvantages of these machines, but to protect yourself from the toxic substances present in drinking water,  we need these machines. So that can remove the unwanted minerals and make the water fit for drinking. Even companies involved in manufacturing of these devices should find out the ways to overcome the disadvantages.

To live in this world and if we want that our next generations should also get a chance to enjoy the gifts of nature, So we should conserve them. Keep yourself hydrated. Keep your surroundings clean and Save Environment and Save water.

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