Delhi is a city of Diverse Culture. People from all culture and background live here. They have brought the fragrance of their culture along with them. This culture can be seen in food, clothes and traditions. Delhi is always been a center of attraction for the visitors for not only the historic monuments like Qutab Minar, Red Fort, Humanyun’s Tomb, etc. But it is also famous for the different variety of food available there. Old Delhi is famous for its traditional street food which is made by the people from different states. These foods have the taste and essence of tradition of the particular state.

Food walk of Old Delhi is great experience. Here people experience different types of delicious food. It is an incredible experience for the visitors. Whether you are local or foreigner, your delhi tour is not complete without Old Delhi food walks. Whenever you visit Chandani Chownk streets market, you can feel the mouth watering smells of delicious food that attracts you. The street food available here is incredibly tasty and cheap as well.

  • Who don’t know the Pranthe wali galli. People from different areas visit this galli and have the experience to taste the different type of paranthas.
  • There are over 25 different varieties of kebabs which are one of the most loved food of meat lovers.
  • Famous tandoori chicken of Old Delhi leaves you licking your fingers.
  • Even you should try jalebi from the old jalebi wala. It is the most favorite Indian dessert for everyone. You can enjoy the jalebi while you are on your rickshaw ride.
  • Indian food fans all time favorite snack is Samosa. Different variety of samosas are available like samosa with potato, peas, even chicken filling.
  • Another favorite snack for Foodies is Dahi chat and AlooTikki. This dish is served at a very reasonable price i.e Rs 40 per plate.
  • Your Delhi street food tour is incomplete if you have not drank the masala chai. Different flavors are available like cardamom tea, black tea and ginger tea. It refreshes your day.
  • Another favorite drink available in the old streets of Delhi is Mango Lassi. It is best drink for those who eat a lot of spicy food.
  • In old Delhi you can also find healthy food. Fruit chat is also very famous. it is served in paper plates with variety of fruits with lemon and ginger sauce over it.
  • Different variety of curries are famous and attracts the visitors. There are endless options of curries which are highly satisfying and one of the best street food dish of Old Delhi.
  • Kulfi is one of the dessert which nobody wants to skip. Various innovative flavours are available there like aam papad kulfi, tarmarind kulfi, etc. Mango Kulfi is the specialty which is available seasonally.
  • Different types of Kachori like dal kachori, matarkachori, dry fruit kachori will leave you in confusion, which one to try and which leave.
  • How can we forget Paan. There are many street vendors with a lot of paanvarities. One of the most attracted one is Fire Paan.

If you are in Delhi for any tour, you must try all these street foods available in Old Delhi. It will surely make you feel happy after having such a delicious food.

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