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Top-10 sites with free software and no viruses

There is free software that can be downloaded on the internet today. The software companies come up with new software every day, which helps you perform tasks faster and effectively. However, you need to take note of the software that will not land you to malware attacks. That is why before you even think of downloading any software on the internet, you need to check the authenticity of the site. Despite many complain of viruses attacks due to software downloads, I have provided the top 10 sites with free software, and they are safe to be downloaded. This is to help you have your preferred software with no viruses. Read on and find out.


This is among the best and official site where you can download windows software. You will find all the software packages and optional hotfixes and updates, including a service pack for Microsoft simulator games, driver kits, and NET framework. This is an official software download site, and you will not find any third party software in it.


Ninite allows you to download free applications at a go. Therefore you might not have to wait for that long before your software is installed. All you need to do is to visit the website and start selecting the software that you want to install on your computer. Once you are through, just click the get you Ninite button at the bottom of the user interface. Your PC will download a custom installer depending on the software that you need to download. Afterward, run it, and you will have your selected software being installed. It is that simple, and you will have all the software that you need for free.


This is among the most popular sites where you can download free software safely. There are no additionally bundles, toolbars of installers to the original software file. Filehippo is unique in the sense that it offers full versions of the files that you can download. Their software is tested for viruses, adware, and malware; then they are updated to ensure it is safe to be downloaded and used by the users. You will experience faster downloads with this site because it has high-speed servers. Software reviews and user ratings are available to ensure you get the best software that suits your needs.

Freeware files

This is among the most visited site where you can access free software. There is a huge collection of virus-free software that you can download for your computer. There are reviews and screenshots attached to the software to allow you to make a selection. Additionally, their software is also available for all the windows versions.

CNET Download

This site has been there for long, and it is among the most trusted and busted sites for free software downloads. Its software is updated regularly to ensure you download the latest version of the software with new features. This software can be downloaded faster. Hence you don’t have to wait for long. You can read their software reviews so that you can be updated on the most appropriate and latest software available in for download.

Source forge

It is a great download site that has its reputation because it has been there for quite some time. You will not experience those dodgy installers because its system has been improved to remove some bugs which had earlier tarnished its reputation. Therefore if you are looking for a site where you will get free software that will not expose you to malware attacks, then visit this website.


This is one of the sites that might be mistaken for being old and outdated because of its design. However, it is among the most reputable sites that you can download free software. There are no customer installers that might lead you to download crapware. Therefore you are assured that you will get original software that is fully functional.


This is also an amazing site which was launched in 1997. It is popular for downloading free software. You can download them from a mirror link provided on the site. The actual download will be through the Softonic downloader, which is safe and quick.


This is a great free software download site where you will get to access the rocket files, which will be instrumental in downloading your preferred software. On the RocketFiles software is free and safe to be installed on your computer.


This is an amazing free software download site where you can access different software, which allows you to choose the best. Therefore, qpdowload is a free and safe site with a simple user interface that allows you to download free software conveniently.


The list contains the most visited sites which have experienced great traffic for downloading free and safe software. Visit any of the sites and download your preferred software.

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