Business Leader with Oracle

How Can Your Remote DBA Expert Help You Become a Business Leader with Oracle?

Oracle is the undisputed leader of in memory solutions. Businesses and consumers have heard of Oracle more than any other database management system. Interestingly enough, this might be a product of the compound annual growth of the database market. Since 2016, the growth of the data market has exceeded by a rate of 19%.

Oracle is growing and fast

Even back in 2016, in a non-sponsored survey by the IT Brand Pulse Oracle emerged as the leader in the SQL database market segment. Oracle is also a choice of the market leaders, who want to make a mark in the FinTech sector. Most of the leading small companies and startups go with Oracle for their database software support in 2017. Oracle has inspired quite a few companies to delve in online cloud storage instead of reliable storage devices.

Oracle thinks about SMBs and Startups

Oracle’s unique small to medium business solutions are a part of the leadership program. Database managers, who have invested their trust and funds in Oracle, have always received generous rewards. The SMB solutions from Oracle has helped over a thousand small and medium business in the USA and thousands more across the world. This version of the RDBMS is ideal for SMBs since small businesses have separate needs.

Managing your Oracle database may not be a cakewalk for you, but you can get remote assistance for your business analytics and data updating needs. Sites like offer senior DBAs, who can store, secure and update your data on your company Oracle database.

Why choose Oracle over other cheaper choices?

Database managers from SMBs who have been using Oracle, report the following advantages –

  • Visual representation of the sales funnel and sales cycle along with leveraging current customer base.
  • You can see the employee retention policies, top productivity, and payment patterns directly.
  • It provides at-a-glance data for your company finances, reporting and more.

This RDBMS promises a wholesome growth in terms of business finance, customer experience, human capital management, and technology. Oracle can provide the business owners will separate cloud systems for each of these with links between the data elements.

Oracle Enterprise versions for everyone

The Oracle ERP or enterprise resource planning offers the highest levels of planning for all business purposes compared to other Oracle versions. Oracle also provides solutions in nine different market areas including human capital management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and this brings Salesforce into the broader picture for management of business API.

A choice of all leaders

Over the years, Oracle has provided 360-degree coverage to all users. Big corporations to small businesses all have reaped different benefits from the use of the leading RDBMS in the tech market. Oracle sales and revenue have hit an all time high this 2017, and according to the experts, this high is here to stay. Oracle has produced many thought leaders and has helped business leaders shape their dream smartly and effectively.

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