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Most overused fonts ever

The web design world can be a bit difficult to get the hang of as it is always changing. This is part of the way that the world works: trends come and go, and what is hot one moment might be out of style in the next minute. For this reason, it can be easy to find yourself using the kind of font that has become outdated and unpopular. One thing to keep in mind is that fonts might remain popular due to readability or practical uses.

This is especially true because there are a ton of fonts out there that will be recommended fonts for you to use that are common and still popular. But for the more hardcore designers out there, they might spit at these fonts for one reason or another.

So what are some of the most overused fonts out there? These are just a few that you might find yourself wanting to avoid when all is said and done.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is considered one of the most traditional fonts out there because of its readability as well as the clean, traditional look that it presents. It actually has been the default font for Microsoft Word all the way up until 2007.

Many newspapers use Times New Roman since it is so commonplace in web design. But the thing is that it is overused for a good reason: it is popular, clean, and easy to read. It might not be flashy like something such as bebas font, but it does the job. So don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.


This is typically one of the first choices for PC users (Helvetica is on Mac) that designers who are tired of Times New Roman will try next. Much like Times New Roman, Arial becomes overused because it is on everything out there from websites to publications.

Again, this is one of the most popular choices out there for a good reason, and that is why it becomes one of the most overused fonts out there. It won’t go away any time soon, but you might find yourself ready to try out a different font after seeing this one as much as you likely have.


There is a reason that Papyrus is becoming one of the more overused fonts around, and that is because it feels so different from some of the other fonts that you will likely see on this list. And while it certainly is different – it has kind of a pull to it when it comes to amateur designers – you likely will find yourself seeing this more and more often.

This font presents a little bit more of a different vibe but doesn’t overuse this one as it might find itself going out of style rather quickly.

Comic Sans

You might see this one on something like a party invitation because it is supposed to represent fun and joy. But it is goofy, and kind of worn out and has become something of a joke in the font community for a variety of reasons.

More and more these days, it is becoming overused by those who are trying to prove a point: Comic Sans is a good font that has its place. There are many that will argue this point and will point out why it doesn’t work anymore.

Still, it remains popular and one of the most overused fonts that there is.


There likely is not a place that you won’t find Impact being used: posters, logos, billboards, and so many more places. The thing is, it’s on the bold side, but it is far too narrow to be a practical font. Even though it has its obvious drawbacks, it is one of the most popular fonts around and comes preloaded on any Windows machine that you can buy.

For that reason alone, you will find Impact on the most overused list because of how available it is. Honestly, “most overused” is a good way to know that font is accessible and has shown the ability to stay around with longevity.

While there are certainly reasons to try to find a new font that feels fresh and cool, there is a reason that you might find yourself coming back to these popular fonts. Don’t discount them entirely, because they will maintain their popularity far after it becomes “cool” to use them anymore.

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