Lower Brokerage

Lower Brokerage – A Point of Concern

There are list of brokerage firms in India who charge low brokerage from investors.  Before making a decision for brokerage one should check all the details and background of the broker and their past behavior. All the points should be taken into account like: types of investment i.e. either short term or long term, image of the broker, cost efficiency, number of services offered by them to clients, platform facilities etc.

We will discuss about different number of firms charging low brokerage:

  • Wisdom Capital: wisdom capital is one of the best brokers in India, giving brokerage as zero and designed with elastic plans for investors. These plans are well suited for all daily and professional traders who trade in shares options, equities, derivatives or commodity. They also offer free plans for lifetime.

Opening fee – ZERO

Brokerage – 0.00 In NSE, BSE, FNO In all segments.

  • Zerodha: This firm provides us with the new modern trading tools which help in using them. It has 80 technical analyses as its special features.

Opening fees- Rs 200

Brokerage – Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is less.

  • Rksv security: Investor’s can place their orders from electronic trading platform. They deal with stock options, commodities and mutual funds.

Opening fee  –  Zero for Indian school of business readers.

Brokerage fee  –  Five months trade free, and Rs 20 after five months.

  • Sas online: They started offering services since 2013. They offer their discounting brokerage from one central location located in New Delhi. They do not charge any hidden charges and they provide hassle free working of securities. Brokerage cost charged by them are as follows:

Opening fee – Rs 400

Brokerage fee –  Rs 9 or 0.07 % per trade.

  • Trade Smart Online: This is also known as just trade smart and is a discount broker. It’s trade related segments include:
  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities

They are known for their multiple brokerage plans at discounting brokerage rates.

Opening fees – Rs 400

Brokerage fees – Pay Rs 15 maximum per order.

  • Trade plus online : This is the lowest brokerage in the field with Rs 99/- every month for unlimited Mcx trading, unlimited currency transactions and Equity at low or zero brokerage. This is the most affordable brokerage analysis.

Opening fee –  Rs 499 and this amount is refundable

Brokerage fee –  Unlimited commodity brokerage for Rs 99.

  • Ventura securities: this company starts its operations in 1994 as a stock exchange company which deals with all kind of financial products. They aim at providing their customers with the right and timely data regarding market related trends.

Opening fee – Rs 3500, this amount is refundable.

Brokerage fee – Rs 50 – Rs 18 per option.

There are many traditional brokers who will offer LOWEST BROKERAGE ONLINE TRADING IN INDIA.

Brokers like : Angel broking, ICICI direct , Motilal oswal, SBI, Indiabulls, Religare ltd , HDFC securities etc are the traditional brokers with lowest brokerage cost ranging between 0.35– 0.70 % only. So here discussed are the lowest brokerages traders which you can be choose in selecting the brokers only after comparing them all.

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