Things About Immigration Singapore

Key Things About Immigration to Know When Traveling to Singapore

Do you want to visit a spotlessly clean city with a combination of magnificent man-made features like skyscrapers and other incredible structures and flourishing natural gardens and parks? Well, look no further than Singapore. You will not only marvel at the great architectural structures, water parks, and other features like the Singapore Wheel, but will also visit bird parks, zoos, the night safari, and conservation gardens, among other places. Thanks to its beauty and calmness, the city-state is a great holiday destination even for families.

For a trouble-free visit to Singapore, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Requirements for entry

As you plan your itinerary in the beautiful island state, you need to consider if you require a visa or not before you step into the country. This is crucial information that is worth knowing as you book your flight and make other travel arrangements:

  • Passport holders from EU member countries, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, and South Korea can get into Singapore without a visa and stay for 90 days.
  • Passport holders of countries such as India, Russia, Georgia, North Korea, Armenia, China, and others require an e-visa to visit Singapore.
  • Nationals of countries like Egypt, Mali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Iran, and others require a visa vignette in their passport to enter the city-state.

You can obtain an e-visa within a day through a visa agent, the Singaporean diplomatic embassy nearest to you, Singapore’s strategic partners, or a local contact in Singapore. Working with visa agents is a good idea since they relieve you of any troubles and they experience processing visas including for job seekers. You can work with One Visa, a reliable visa agent, for hassle-free visa processing. For a visa vignette, you can use the same channel as you would for visa, but it will take three working days to be processed.

Climatic conditions

Keep in mind that the country has a warm and humid climate all the year round, so for a great experience, bring light clothes with you. This is especially necessary if you plan to tour the city and parks with natural marvels. Showers come unannounced throughout the day, so you should have an umbrella.

Cost of living

While the city-state is among the best places to live and work in globally, it can be a bit expensive compared to other cities to enjoy the comfort and luxuries that it has in plenty. You should be prepared to part with some cash to enjoy meals and accommodation, shop in the malls, and visit the various attractions. However, you could manage to visit and tour the city-state on a budget by making packages that include accommodations, transport, and local tours. You could also decide to shop in bargain shops and eat at the hawker centres.

Safety, rules, and regulations

You can be relaxed while in Singapore because there are stringent rules and regulations against crime, making the city very safe. You can walk in the street whatever time of day or night whether you’re alone or in a group without any fear of being attacked. Singapore is also known for cleanliness and orderliness. To ensure high levels of cleanliness and public order, there are the following rules and regulations:

  • Smoking is banned in public. You can only do it in designated smoking areas around the city or part with a heavy fine of $1,000.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed. It is illegal to buy, sell, or import chewing gum in Singapore. Although you may not be detained for entering the country with a few pieces of gum, ensure that you dispose of them responsibly.
  • Buying or enjoying alcohol in public after 10:30 PM is prohibited. But you could have a drink in a restaurant, pub, or even in your room at a hotel.
  • Littering is punishable with heavy penalties. Dispose of your trash responsibly.


There you have a few things that you must know before traveling to Singapore. You should also remember that the country is a melting pot of cultures, so you will feel at home and enjoy great cuisines from different backgrounds.

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