Prepare For Exams

How to Prepare For Exams

For those students who have a habit of chilling the entire year and preparing in the last minute for exams, it can get really hectic. With so much to cover, it becomes almost impossible to deal with the stress. The month of exams is really the worst of the year. You are basically sleep deprived, and entertainment deprived.

If you have difficulty in coping with the amount of stress caused by exams, you should follow certain rules and tricks that can help you a long way in preparing for your exams in a short time. Always remember that it is very important to focus and concentrate. Without a will, you won’t be able to do what needs to be done at time. Studying in an IB school will demand a lot from their students. If you have difficulty understanding your course, you can hire top class IB tutors  to help you with the curriculum.

Here are some outstanding tips that can greatly help you deal with exams and prepare for them.

Tip #1: Try studying the smaller portions at a single go. You may not feel like starting with the huge portions in the beginning. Try covering up the smaller portions as fast as you can in a single go, or divide small portions for everyday along with significant portions of the difficult ones. Do not hurry while you are studying. Invest a good amount of time in studying as it is necessary for grasping and memorizing.

Tip #2: For a continuous study, 2 hours is the optimal period. You can break it down into 25 minutes of concrete studying with a break of 5 minutes. You can take longer breaks of about 20 minutes after finishing the 2 hours period.

Tip #3: It is important that you give your mind breaks whenever needed. If you take a break, free your mind from all the thoughts related to exams and keep calm. Try doing something that you really like such as listening to music, or talking to a friend. If your mind does not restore its energy back, you would not be functional as before for the next round of studying.

Tip #4: You must have already received a schedule for your exam weeks before the exams start. What you can do to avoid boredom would be shifting between various subjects. Plan a schedule and try to shift from maths to biology or psychology. Take classes from the best IB biology tutor in Gurgaon to clear out doubts related to the subject in the last minute.

Tip #5: Reading through the important topics is no doubt beneficial, but what can make your learning more fruitful is writing the important points down. If you read through the topics and write about it in short, it will not only help in retaining the information for long, but also be useful when you revise through the syllabus last minute.

Though the time at hand may be less, but you can make the most of it by planning better. Be confident and never give in to exam stress.

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