Himachal Tour Packages

From The Top Of The Mountains- Himachal Tour Packages

The mountainside stretched with the towering firs and pines, where the clouds kiss the mountain top, where the uneven topography gives you a treat for your eye, different adventure waits for you in the valleys and mountain of Himachal Pradesh. With different cultures, ethnics and religions influencing the locals, you will find yourself in an exotic place with humble and friendly people. Pack your bags and head over to the place that you call heaven on earth and experience a lifetime of memories. Himachal can be divided into two words-

‘Him’- Himalayas

‘Achal”- lap

So Himachal roughly translates to in the lap of the Himalayas. And this is right for this mountainous state.

Well, you can visit Himachal Pradesh at any time, as the weather there is always pleasant, but the best time to visit is during the summers. Head on over to experience the chilly winds and pleasant weather and escape the Indian sun over at the plains.

Here is a list of things that you must include in your Himachal Tour Package.

  1. Shimla
    You need to visit Shimla when you are in Himachal. It is easily accessible by road, train or flight. In Shimla, you will find snippets of history embedded in each building and street. With heavy English Influence, you can see many buildings that may not seem to belong. With many things to do in Shimla, with many views to see and many dishes to taste Shimla will never disappoint.
  2. Solang Valley

With a panoramic view of the mountains and snow, Solang valley is an ideal place to take your pill of adrenalin and satisfy the daredevil in you. When the valley is covered by a blanket of snow, it turns into a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. When there is no snow, many other activities like zorbing, paragliding Horseriding, etc can be done.
Head on down to Solang valley to satiate the kid in you.

  1. TibetanMonastery

With a large population of Tibetan people, they are a large number of monastery and temple made of Buddhism belief. Many local handicraft shops and traditional gift items can be found in the areas near the monastery. The monastery is the spiritual testimony of the beliefs and traditions of the people.

  1. Khajjar
    Called the Switzerland of India, Khajjar is home to variant hues of greens and yellow. With many things to do and many views to see, you will be pleased with some astounding views. You can see Lord Shiva’s Abode, Mt Kailash from Khajjar.
  2. River Rafting

With the different rivers in Himachal Pradesh, you will experience river rafting like never before. The river unpredictable, the water unchartered. With an experience of the life that you will never forget. You can go river rafting in the various different rivers that are present in Himachal, from the Sutlej to the Beas.

With different National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Himachal Pradesh has something to offer for everybody. Make sure to include some of the items in your list for your Himachal Tour Package.

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