Family holidays in India

Family holidays in India- the best place to visit with kids

Do you have children and wonder where you should plan your next holidays with them? Maybe you’ve fed up with popular European and African holiday destinations, and you’d like to change your direction? Then, it’s high time to visit India – a country in South Asia. It’s the seventh-largest country and the second-most populous country in the world. This colourful and diversified place offers you a wide range of opportunities. Not only will it delight you with its beautiful landscapes, but it’ll also make a strong cultural impression on you. If you enjoy exploring other cultures and their traditions, India is destined just for you.

India is the land of different religions, habits, and the characteristic Indian cuisine. It’s also the frequently chosen destination as in 2015, India was visited by around 8 million tourists, simultaneously earning 21, 013 billion dollars. Why is such a perfect destination for families with kids? Because it gives you many different ways of how to spend your time with them, not boring the pants off you.

Family-friendly hotels in big cities 

Depending on what kind of holidays you prefer and on what holidays your kids allow you, you can, for instance, choose a package holiday in a luxury hotel in one of the biggest cities in India, such as Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata. It’s a comfortable solution, especially for families with little kids as hotels usually provide you with high-quality facilities as the Indian tourist industry is extremely child-friendly.

If it happens to you that you or your kids have your birthday during a stay on holidays, hotels can prepare even a birthday cake for you. Or you can take advantage of online cake delivery in Kolkata. Then, you can freely celebrate this event in India. Imagine how unique and unforgettable will be the possibility of experiencing it in another country. Moreover, many hotels provide their guests with children’s and games rooms or even children’s clubs so that parents could relax for a while without their screaming bundles of joy. And kids will be more than happy to play with their peers, having a lot of fun together. What’s also important, most restaurants offer besides local dishes, the international cuisine, which may be the rescue for inexperienced kids’ tummies.

Famous monuments 

Having older children who prefer more active and adventure holidays, you can also plan to visit some monuments, which India is well-known for. The most popular is undoubtedly the Taj Mahal that is a must-have while visiting this country. It’s an ivory-white marble Islamic mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra. Going sightseeing in there would be a dream come true for many young people. They could see something that they’ve already known only from textbooks or films with their own eyes. Choosing a conducted tour will be an additional attraction since children could find out a lot of new information about this place at first hand.

Another tourist attraction in India is the Red Fort, located in Delhi, which served as the main mansion of the Mughal Emperors. Going there is like a blast from the past. You can extensively spread your historical knowledge. Even if you aren’t interested in history, you’ll be pleased with some interesting historical titbits. This fort is the symbol of regaining independence by India and breaking loose from Great Britain in 1947.

Beautiful landscapes 

A perfect destination in India for the family with kids will be Srinagar, which is said to be heaven on earth. It’s famous mainly for unusual nature and breathtaking views, especially at Dal Lake, so the Shikara ride at this lake is highly recommended for every visitor. A similar place is Alleppey, frequently chosen by happy couples as the destination for their honeymoon. However, it also attracts tourists with kids, mainly due to their original houseboats, where you can stay and live for some time.

A perfect family holiday destination in India is Ooty- a hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills. Once you go there, for sure, you’ll love with its virgin and undamaged nature. If you love mountains, you can go to Darjeeling as well, where the main attraction is the ride in the toy train, with bewildering views of Mount Kanchenjunga in the background. Your kids will certainly be super excited about such an experience. Also, being in India, you’ll have a great occasion to explore and admire the Bhagsu Nag Waterfalls in Mcleodganj, which you and your kids will remember for a long time. 

To sum up, India is such a vast country that it can’t be explored only during one travel. As you could notice, it offers you a wide array of attractions, ranging from cities, seas, lakes, to the mountains. Thus, everyone should find something suitable for themselves there. But remember that going on holidays with your kids, you should learn them to immerse themselves in a given culture the most. The more they absorb from travels as the young, the more enlightened and open-minded adults they will become.

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