Digital Parenting

Difference between Parenting & Digital Parenting

Obviously, parenting has its importance and since the technology in the shape of cell phone and internet digital parenting has become so much demanded. Parenting single-handedly won’t be able to prepare a kid for the hardships of life anymore.

 Today, parenting and digital parenting both are very important for the child growth otherwise there will be plenty of issues for youngsters to be a better human being. In the past parents was only reluctant to look after a child at playgrounds and to know about their hidden whereabouts especially when kids are with their peers.

Now gone are the days when kids have to go outside to have fun with their peers. Since smartphone technology has evolved the safety of children has been compromised to the fullest.  Over the years things have got terribly changed and today we have to play a part in digital parenting part more than parenting itself. Today, kids and teens are highly obsessed with the cyberspace and social messaging apps, websites and instant messengers.

Therefore, kids and teens got trapped by the bullies online, stalkers, sexual predators and also teens continuously harboring sexual fantasies on their digital devices. In addition, online dating is on the rise and teens meeting in real –life with the strangers to whom they have met before in real –life.

Furthermore, cell phone technology has become very common in our lives parents have to perform digital parenting techniques using multiple ways. Therefore, real-life parenting is not enough these days and further parents have to guide children about the dos and don’ts of internet, cell phone and social media.

All these sorts of activities of teens on the web using the cell phone and social media can really put teens into deep trouble. So, avoiding all these kinds of consequences and protect teens from digital dangers. However, every parent should know about the fundamental difference between parenting and digital parenting.

What is parenting?

Don’t take parenting as a single term or world. There are plenty of types of parenting that parents used to perform on kids according to their sense of belief. Let’s get to know about the types of parenting.

Authoritarian Parenting

Most of the parents worldwide perform this type of parenting that is known as authoritarian. Parents usually enforce rules and regulations forcefully with little regard or curtsy of their kid’s opinion. So, parents simply discuss the rules with the children and tell them to obey it otherwise there will be consequences.

Authoritative Parenting

Simply in authoritarian parenting parents used to make their own rules and further enforce on the children. In addition, they warn the kid strictly to follow it and otherwise, there will be a penalty. Furthermore, parents also ask the child’s opinion as well before the regulation of the rules.

Permissive Parenting

Parents are very friendly with their kids and they usually create rules for kids that really suits their nature but with respect to the protection of the children. They always seem to relax and calm and don’t come harder on their children.

Uninvolved parenting

In this type of parenting, parents don’t care about their children activities and they don’t bother at all. In addition, they buck up their kids and teens to take their decisions on their own and live freely. Therefore, parents who do this have to face serious with respect to children to the fullest. Child safety is one of the biggest issues that can harm children due to uninvolved parenting.

What is Digital Parenting?

Parents who are very concerned about the online activities of teens and kids on their digital devices have to keep an eye on their online activities. Therefore, parents use the tech –tool in order to set parental control on kid’s online activities.

 Therefore, tracking kids and teens cell phones and gadgets to keep an eye on their activities is known as digital parenting. So, it is all about monitoring of children when they are using mobile phones, gadgets and other devices. Parents can use parental control software for cell phone and computer to keep a hidden eye on their activities with a complete time stamp.


Parenting and digital parenting are equally necessary therefore parents have to have such technological tools to know what kids and teens are doing in real –life and as well as on the digital world.

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