Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation: Picking Out the Best Option

There are numerous debt consolidation loans. You need to choose the best one for your financing needs. Then, not all consolidation programs are worth your attention. A few of them are into the lending business for decades and function professionally unlike fly-by-the-night lenders. Again, not all lenders are shady but there are a few out there, who tempt customers with low-interest rates and monthly payments but have hidden fee or charges. Making the right choice becomes a tad difficult at such times. That is because there are too many options before you.

You have multiple debts, like to dig out of them and become debt-free quickly sans any financial worries. Who likes collection agency calls or agents knocking your door and pestering for money?  In such a scenario, finding the right debt-consolidation loan becomes imperative.

According to an article published on, when choosing debt consolidation loans, determine how you will spend the money. Your state of mind and behavior under financial stress, matter a lot, when you are in debt.

Though consolidated loans help people with piling loans, it would not make much difference to your financial condition if you do not control your spending habits and lifestyle until you are debt-free. Understand the real cause of your financial distress. Additionally, think of apt solutions. Sit down with pen and paper to make note of how many debts you have at present and how you can merge them into a single account with a reduced rate of interest. Here are some of the best tips to help you pick out the debt consolidation loan:

Weigh the pros and cons

When choosing a debt consolidation loan, weigh the pros and cons of it. As far as installment loans are concerned, they are good for your credit report. When a lender agrees to provide a loan at minimized rates fitting your budget, you can repay all your high-interest debt of your creditors on time, thus improving your credit score in the process.

This way, you pay only once in a month for all your debts instead of shelling out money to multiple creditors in the same month. In some cases, you can opt for a direct electronic fund transfer withdrawal from your checking account to prevent missed payments. Again, there are auto-payment systems offered by many lenders online. Take some time out of your busy schedule to look for lenders who allow auto-payments.

When taking consolidated loans, the lenders may not back up your application in case you have a history of consistently missed payments. Again, repaying your consolidated loan with your high-interest credit card is not a good idea at all. You will land up in great financial distress. Debt consolidation is meant to cut back on your financial distress and worries, not increase it. Therefore, make an informed decision.

Origination fee

Sometimes, lenders charge a payment called an origination fee. It’s a payment a company takes, to arrange a loan for you. The origination fee may vary from zero percent to six percent. You can avoid lenders who charge a high origination fee. There are companies who do not charge this fee. Research online and visit websites such as or similar platforms that do not charge you exorbitant fees.

A consolidated loan that has an origination fee offers a better annual percentage rate, but these loans will cost you more in the future. Therefore, if you want to avoid a costly loan in the days to come, you can choose providers with zero or one percent origination fee. Never take a consolidated loan from providers that charge an origination fee of six percent or more.

Compare rates

The lenders often negotiate with your creditors and bill you accordingly. These providers do so in many ways. A couple of lenders will charge you monthly. An amount is deducted from the cash meant for your creditors. Therefore, before making any final decision, determine what sum of money the lender will take from you and how the same will have an impact on your loan payments in the long-term.

You will also find lenders offering good deals than the others. Then, they may have some hidden fee at the same time. Therefore, it is imperative that you compare rates of interest and opt for a consolidated loan that suits your financial condition. Shopping around is essential in such a situation. Do not hesitate to ask your lender whether they have any hidden charges or not.

Fixed rates or variable rates

When it comes to fixed rates, they remain the same all through the tenure of the loan, while variable rates may be less initially but shoot up suddenly. However, variable rates are capped. They will not go up from 5 percent to 150 percent. Most borrowers prefer debt consolidation loan rates that they can predict easily. This way, you are not shocked with unexpected surprises and forced to shell out a huge monthly interest, thus affecting your budget and plans. There is no need to squeeze your budget if you choose a predictable rate.

Therefore, fixed rates are a safe option and variable rates that do not increase abnormally all of a sudden. Compare an unstable variable-rate to a higher yet fixed rate that you can rely on to repay your loan. These little things matter when choosing consolidated loans. Take your time and decide.

Transparency and smooth communication

Opt for lenders with a clear, smooth, and transparent communication process. Inquire about everything like improving your credit history, rate of interest, loan terms, finding a co-signor, and things like that. There is no place for ambiguity, leaving you in the dark, what is happening with your loan rate. If you do not have a healthy credit score to qualify for a consolidated loan, then your lender must tell you so right away instead of imposing the loan on you and charging a high interest for a poor score later. Transparency is the key to opt for the best debt consolidation loan.


Now that you have these ideas handy, it will be easy for you to make an informed decision. Your goal is to become debt-free soon and not adding to your financial stress.

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