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Contaminated Water and Water Purifiers to its Rescue

Life is considered to be formed from water. All the living organisms on the planet depend on water.Water has an intrinsic blue colour which is due to minor absorption of light at red coloured wavelengths but when viewed in small quantities it appears colourless. Water is a molecule made of 1 oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms. Chemical formula of water is H2O. Water is one of the most valuable resource that is required by all. We cannot imagine our life without water. Water is not only required by human beings but also by animals. Life is not possible without water.

More than 1.2 billion of world’s population do not have access to source of clean drinking water. People who suffer from water shortage for at least 1 month/year are around 3 billion.We cannot afford to waste water. Scarcity of water is the most common issue in almost all the countries. Water crisis, water stress, water shortage all comes under water scarcity. Water stress refers to the difficulty in obtaining fresh water for use which leads to more deterioration and depletion of accessible water resources. Water shortage is due to the changed weather patterns, climate change and rapid increase in demand of water by humans and its overuse and wastage. Water scarcity is due to exhaustion of useful freshwater resources and increasing use of freshwater which is due to the poor management of water resources. Scarcity is expanding due to continuous growing population.

There are a no. of solutions available to address the issue of water scarcity effectively which includes water storage, conservation, reuse, management and various water treatment technologies like desalination. Various solutions to water scarcity are: Aquifer recharging, desalination, water reuse and zero-liquid discharge technology, water management, infrastructure monitoring and repairs, water conservation, etc. Countries need to immediately overcome the critical problems arising due to water scarcity. Governments need to step in and frame a layout regarding how to conserve water.

The next big problem after water scarcity is the contaminated water which is a result of human activities. When contaminants are submitted into natural environment it leads to water pollution. It takes place when harmful substances are thrown into rivers, oceans, streams, lakes, etc often downgrade the quality of water and makes it toxic for humans and for environment as well.

Steps that an individual can take to prevent water pollution are:

  • Reducing plastic consumption and recycling or reusing it.
  • Properly disposing of chemicals, oils so that they do not end up in the drains.
  • Not disposing liquid waste without proper filtration of harmful objects and chemicals.

Consumption of Contaminated water has many disastrous effects on the health, it can lead to cholera, typhoid, and various other diseases. Chemicals disposed in water bodies lead to growth of algae and bacteria which diminishes the amount of oxygen in water which harshly affects the aquatic life.

Our ancestors used to boil the water and then drink that water which eradicates all the impurities and kills bacteria and other organisms. Boiled water helps in balancing metabolism of body and assures that body does not suffer when one is tired.In Vedas of ancient India it is mentioned that many important minerals and beneficial ingredients are present in drinking water.

In Ancient times people used to eat, drink in copper vessels. The benefits of drinking water in copper vessels are that it aids digestion, kills bacteria, aids weight loss, anti-ageing and boosts skin health, promotes health of heart, combats thyroid, brain stimulator, etc. The list of benefits is unending.

As now all are busy in their lives and no one has time to boil the water and then store it in a container, many companies have launched water purifiers, to prevent the consumption of contaminated water, RO water filters are launched, which eliminates bacteria and provides pure, clean and healthy water to drink. Water filters eliminates all salts, toxic chemicals, metals, germs, etc. RO stands for Reverse Osmosis which is opposite to the process of Osmosis. Nowadays, companies have launched Tap Water Purifier, it is a device which is attached to the tap and the device contains a Hollow- Fibre UF Membrane which removes viruses and bacteria from water.

Many believe that RO water is unsafe to drink as it eradicates all the contaminants and essential minerals from water and reduces the pH level of water. Some minerals which are present in water are beneficial for our health but RO membrane also removes that essential minerals which is good for our health. Gases like CO2 pass through RO membrane which combines with free Hydrogen ion (OH-) to make acidic Hydrogen Carbonate ions (HCO3). Many RO water purifiers come with TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) controllers which assists in retaining the essential minerals in water. TDS controller is a device which adjusts level of TDS in water. After passing through RO membrane, water passes through UV chamber or UF membrane which includes TDS controller which adjusts level of minerals to assure that water is safe to drink.

There are nowadays copper water filters available in the market which purifies the water and also provides benefits of drinking water in copper vessels. These water filters provide the goodness of copper with magnesium, calcium and zinc. It instills the copper ions into the water which boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant, promotes normal blood pressure, and is to provide the same benefits as of drinking water in copper vessels.

One of the best water purifier company is Aquafresh RO which is leading producer and supplier of AQUAFRESH RO. It is India based organization and is producer, supplier and exporter of authentic RO spare parts. The company deals in various RO systems like Domestic RO systems, Residential, Industrial and Commercial RO systems. Aquafresh RO water purifiers follow Reverse Osmosis process which provides RO+UF+UV+TDS+ Mineral Cartridge water purifier technology. All its RO systems are electric, automatic and easy to use. The Aquafresh RO water purifiers provide High-Quality Performance, are easy to install, and lasts for a longer time period. To drink fresh and healthy water one must install a Water Purifier.

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