Camping 101

Camping 101, All You Need to Know

We are often quite busy with chores, jobs, responsibilities in our day to day life. This repetitive circle can cause mental as well as physical exhaustion. Camping might be one of the ways by which we can get away from all these distractions and give ourselves a break from the mechanical means of living by the fresh air of wilderness surrounded by forest solitude.

However, when we are outdoors, it might be quite difficult for us to have a good night’s sleep, and this will diminish our energy levels to carry on with the adventures of the next day. This is where camping sleeping bags come in handy to help us wake up refreshed after a sound sleep. While going out for hiking and biking, you might not realize the importance of a sleeping bag until you find out how uncomfortable it is during the night while you are camping out there.

You might need the proper type of sleeping bag which suits yourself for spending the night in the wilderness blissfully. Here are some tips which will help you in choosing the right kind of it.

Ratings related to their temperature

Before picking up the best bags for camping, you might focus on some crucial factors that make them easier to run.

It’s better to choose a sleeping bag that has a low-temperature rating because you can always just unzip when you feel too warm inside it. If you are camping during the winter season and plan to use.

You should check out the bags which can handle the sub-zero temperatures. For the summer season, the rating should be above 30 degrees Celsius or higher, and for the winter season, it should be 15 or lower. Different factors might affect how you would be during outdoor camping like in the place you are, how warm or cold it is, your metabolism, humidity, etc. which is why a comfortable bag for sleeping is necessary.

Different Shapes of Sleeping Bags with Their Functionalities

They come in four different shapes, each having their unique features.

  • Rectangular: These bags can be unzipped fully and also serves the purpose of a comforter. These also have enough space so that you can stretch your hands and legs out.
  • Semi rectangular: These are often called as barrel-shaped. They offer warm temperatures when it’s cold but with a compromise of enough space.
  • Mummy: Almost similar to the barrel-shaped ones, these are also designed for warmth. However, rather than going inside it, you need to roll over with the bag.
  • Double bag type: These bags are ideal for couples who want to sleep together while camping out. These also have the option of zipping along, like if one person runs the right side, and his partner handles the left one.

Type of Insulations

While choosing the insulation you want for your bag, you are provided with two options, which are synthetic or down fill one. Each one has its unique benefits.

Synthetic fill insulation: The bags with this type are quite affordable as well as non-allergenic. They dry out pretty quickly and offer insulation even in damp areas.

Down fill insulation: This insulation type bags are lightweight and can be compressed enough for packing efficiently. During cold or dry weather, these bags can perform well.

Additional features:

  • Polyester or sometimes nylon is used for making the outer fabric of these bags as both these materials have water-repelling properties and also offers insulation quite well outside from wet areas.
  • They come with various hoods to keep your head warm, and this feature can be found with most bags with low-temperature ratings.
  • Some bags also come with additional stash pockets so that you can keep a few necessary things like torch, lighter, medicines close to yourself.

To Conclude..

It would be wise that you keep it dry, clean, and well protected when you are camping outside so that it can be utilized for an extended period as well as helping it to retain its insulation. A lot of us have a warm and comfortable relationship with our bags when it comes to camping, and let’s hope that it lasts for many years.

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