Article Vs Essay

Article Vs Essay – Do You Know the Difference?

Whenever it comes to a writing assignment, there is a constant confusion: what exactly do you need to write? Do you need an article or an essay? For some reason, nobody would mistake a dissertation or a research paper for an essay. But many students mistake an article for an essay and vice versa. As long as writing an article or an essay is a very frequent assignment at any higher educational establishment, it is better to know the difference between them. And if you need somebody to help you with “write my essay” request, check out this site.

So, let us check more detailed what are the main differences between an essay and an article (yes, these are different things) so that you don’t mistake one for another again.

Distinctive Features of an Essay

An essay is written to analyze, describe, to show your point of view on one or another problem, topic, issue, – whatever you need to discuss.

Usually, an essay has a particular structure:

  • An introduction, where you use some ways to catch the attention of your potential reader;
  • The main body, where you provide the facts, ideas, their analysis, your point of view;
  • A conclusion, where you summarize everything that has been written in the essay and make a conclusion.

There are different essay types, such as:

  • Narrative;
  • Self-reflection;
  • Descriptive, and so on.

The content and the writing manner of an essay depends greatly on the essay type. However, if you compare the essay structure, you will see that it is not as well-structured as a nicely written article. Essays do not have subheadings. As well, lists are not used so frequently if used at all.

Essays normally do not need any visuals. Such elements as photos, images, graphs are usually either not needed or can be attached in the end, or they can be included in the list of references. By the way, a list of references is very frequently required if we speak about an essay. Moreover, it has to be written based on particular rules.

Distinctive Features of an Article

An article is usually written to explain something, to inform the readers about something. Articles might have the standard structure:

  • An introduction;
  • The main body;
  • A conclusion,

Or might not have it, depending on the purpose of the author and the type of the article. Your main task is to make your reader continue reading. Hence, the catchier your first sentences are, the more chances you have. If it is possible to do without an introduction, and if an introduction is not of the requirements of your teacher, go on, omit it. Articles are usually written to be published somewhere: a magazine, a newspaper, an encyclopedia, a book, and so on.

The purpose of any article is to explain something, to describe some aspect in the niche, but not to persuade the readers that the author is right.

As well, a properly written article is always much better structured than an essay. An article is divided into logical parts, the main of which even have subheadings. As well, bullet lists, numbered lists are present, as a rule. So, articles differ from essays also with their structure: articles are much better structured so that readers understand everything and find the needed information easily when it is needed.

An article is written to provide information. Hence, it is very precise and exact. There is no need in discussions, all you need is to provide some information in a particular field, in an easy-to-read understandable manner.

Visuals, such as photos, images, screens, graphs, charts, and so on, are very popular in articles. Moreover, in some kinds of articles, they are almost a must to make your reader believe each your word.

An article might contain links (also depends on the article type, but in most cases, links are used), but it doesn’t have a list of references. All the sources where you have taken information from, which you would like to indicate as additional proof of your point of view is given in the links.

Do You Still Have Doubts?

We understand that it is not so easy to see clearly what are the differences between an article and an essay. Of course, the theory might be clear, however, in practice, if you don’t have sufficient writing experience, it can be pretty challenging to write one or the other paper type without mixing the styles.

If you have any doubts, we recommend you to order the task from a professional company online. You can easily find one just by checking some reviews and the conditions based on which the provider works. From those many results that will be displayed, you can select the company that offers the most loyal conditions and the prices that you can afford.

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