Tips for Tall Girls

7 Ideal Styling Tips for Tall Girls

All supermodels are indeed tall and they are constantly wearing the best and newest trends, which suit their body type perfectly. However, as an average tall girl, it can be extremely difficult to find the ideal outfits that are going to work effortlessly for you. If you are also a tall lady and you find it difficult to get a hold of the ideal piece of dress, you can consider the styling tips that have been listed below.


Choose maxi skirts, maxi dresses, midi dresses

Midi dresses, maxi dresses, and maxi skirts are practically known to be made for the tall girls who are interested in showing off their beautiful long legs. It is suggested that tall girls take complete advantage of these beautiful and long pieces. Whenever you are in doubt and you do not have any idea about what you should be wearing, you can select the long pieces, as they have the capability of highlighting your gorgeous height and your legs. When you select the right kind of dress, you are not going to look any less than a supermodel.

Stay away from high-waisted clothes

Most of the high-waisted items are indeed made for the tall girls but it does not mean that a high-waisted item is the first thing that you should purchase when you are in the store. If you have a long torso and you are wearing a high-waisted item, you are going to look ridiculous. However, you can wear flowy cardigans when you choose high-waisted pants or skirts. You can go for the long pieces for highlighting your height, but you also need to understand that long pieces can also contribute in making you look extremely long, which is going to take away the charm. Depending on the length of your torso and the leg, you need to choose the ideal types of outfits and take Evans Clothing from ukpromocode here.

Jumpsuits are mandatory

Just like midi or maxi dresses, jumpsuits are also ideal for ladies who have long frames. Therefore, if you are tall, definitely go for jumpsuits. Jumpsuits have started to become an important part of the wardrobe for most of the tall girls. Opting for one single piece can help in accentuating the tall frame. Pick jumpsuits in your favorite color and pattern so that you can add the ideal pop to the outfit. Ensure that you are wearing the right bra as well. To get an idea about the appropriate bra size, you can visit the website of BabeAppeal.

Skinny jeans are the best friends of tall girls

According to, skinny jeans are undoubtedly best friends of any tall girl. As a tall girl, you should not worry about the length in comparison to the fit as well as tightness of the jeans that you are choosing. Boot-legged pants or flared pants do not have long inseams and also make your legs appear shorter. However, skinny jeans highlight the length of your legs. Skinny jeans fit snugly against the ankles. Most of the stores are also known to have different lengths of jeans for particular frames and heights. Ensure that you are inquiring about this before you purchase your pair of skinny jeans.

Choose thigh-high boots

Most of the tall ladies believe that any kind of shoes is going to look perfect in their long legs. However, fashion experts have revealed that all the shoes are not made for tall girls. Tall girls can purchase boots that are thigh-high but they should ideally stay away from the booties. Thigh-high boots are not made for the short girls. You can pair your skirt or your dress with thigh-high boots and you are going to make heads turn.

However, you need to ensure that you are not selecting the booties. Booties do not look right at all when your legs are long and you are wearing a pair of skinny jeans. Make sure that you are selecting the right pair of shoes that will complement your tall height and make you look charming and beautiful. Choose anything wrong, and your entire look will be ruined.

Super long jeans and crop tops- bad idea

Another type of outfit idea that you should try to avoid is pairing your long and skinny jeans with crop tops. This outfit idea is ideal for short girls, but it is a strict no for the long ladies. You should never do crop tops and long jeans, and this has been suggested by numerous fashion experts from different parts of the globe. Long jeans are capable of accentuating the entire body and if you are pairing it with short tops, it might not look right. You are going to feel more comfortable and pull your entire look nicely when you are wearing long tops with long jeans. Also, since you are already tall, this combination will help you avoid looking taller. The combination of long jeans and long tops are perfect for work, for parties, and even for a casual trip.

Wear loose-fitting or oversized clothes

Just like jumpsuits and maxi dresses, when you select anything that has a loose fit or is oversized, you are helping in making your tall frame look better and more beautiful. These are the items that are made particularly for the tall girls, and hence, these types of dresses should be your go-to outfits. When you wear everything tight, it will make you look awkward and you are not going to feel yourself. This is why you should also opt for the oversized ones, as they will contribute to making you look beautiful and also adds charm and elegance to your entire look. Long dresses are made particularly for tall girls, and you should take complete advantage of it.


As a tall girl, it can be daunting to find the ideal piece of dress when you are heading out for work, have an important conference, going out for a party, or even have plans of traveling. Consider the tips that have been listed above and you will look the coolest tall girl!

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