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5 Top Reasons Students from Canada Look for Essay Writing Help Online

With the recent UK hype regarding the academic writing in the student’s life we have decided to get to know in which cases Canadian students go for using the academic writing help online. We have discovered several patterns, and not all of them we have expected to find out. It is important to read this material if you feel awkward when ordering a custom essay or case study, or you don’t understand  why people do it. Without any goal to promote the idea we promote you with our major findings.

Reason #1. Students Make Mistakes Choosing Courses

It is not a secret that students don’t often choose the course they like, and we are not even speaking about the obligatory courses. Syllabuses are not particularly informative, and sometimes inspired pupils of any level get caught and later can’t deal with the load and the assignments. In this case, after failing several times students give up on trying and order a paper sample online. Most of them, by the way, perform greatly in other disciplines, so we can’t say that this is a choice of a loser, just, we get, some sort of the optimisation. Speaking of which…

Reason #2. Students Tend to Think More Practical

Previously students saw assignments as some often annoying but sacred pieces of educational process, important milestones. Nowadays they see them as more than obstacles on their way to the diploma, which will let them work. From one point of view, it is not a very inspiring tendency, but from another it just shows that students become more practical and job-oriented. Universities should change their programs and make them more relevant to the real-world situations/ Most of the students state that they will spend a week working meticulously on interesting practical assignment, even if it is a very challenging task, than dealing with lots of simple and mediocre ones which can be written by the expert writers for some money.

Reason #3. Students Don’t Have Time

Normally, students don’t live the way it is often shown in some American comedies: constant parties, drinks and relationships. Students spend more than 70% of their time studying, in class and after that, and at some point, it makes them exhausted. Most of the students start truly amazing but later they can’t deal with the load at the same pace. To stay at the top of the course they use different techniques, nit all of which are approved by the academic world.

Reason #4. Students Experience Sleeping Problems

This reason is relevant to the previous one, but we wanted to speak about it separately. Sleep deprivation, insomnia, make students less efficient than ever. Due to this students tend to perform worse, receive worse grades and try to compensate it with pulling the all-nighter. At some point, they decide it’s not worth it, so they look for some fast cheap essay writing help provided by professional services. Problems with sleep can cause obesity, stress and even depression, so universities and colleges should truly think about a load of assignments.

Reason #5. Students See It as Another Form of Education

When it comes to some specific types of papers, such as marketing case studies, literature reviews, etc., students order sample papers to use them as models. Students don’t copy them but use as standard examples, sometimes even for a group. Unfortunately, even modern textbooks are often not enough to learn how to deal with some specific assignments. It also should be alarming to the representatives of the educational system.

If you have decided to order a paper online, you should first get to know whether the particular custom writing agency is worth your attention and trust. First of all, pay attention to agencies with more than 2 years of experience — if they were scams, they would be reported and closed long ago. Later check if the writing agency has 24/7 support as you may have problems with the final draft not only from 9 to 6 and from Monday to Friday. Make sure that prices are not only affordable but transparent enough.

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